Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Decorating with a French style

We came back to England before Christmas for the holidays and brought all our things with us. Our 6 months out in France were probably the best we have ever had and we were sad to say goodbye! But 2016 is about moving to Bristol, finding jobs and getting settled and it will hopefully be a very exciting year. 2015 will take some beating though!

When we were living in France my husband and I did various alterations and decorations to my in-laws house. We did a lot of painting, ripping up of carpet, laying new flooring and adding skirting boards. It was a lot of fun and we definitely improved our DIY skills. One of the things I most enjoyed decorating was an electricity board cover, (exciting right!) After some work had been done to the house the electricity box had been contained in a new plain wood box on the wall and after we had painted the walls it looked a bit bare.

My mother-in-law liked the idea of it having a newspaper background and we had plenty of newspapers in the house for making fires in the winter. We found some vintage style postcards from a Champagne producer in a drawer in the house and thought they would be perfect displayed on it. There were only a few but after searching for vintage french posters on Amazon I found some beautiful ones that fitted in.

I used all purpose wallpaper paste to glue the newspaper in place, it was like a huge papier mâché
and then once dried the posters and postcards were glued on top. It took a quite few days to do and I kept coming back to it with another pile of newspaper cuttings to glued on and being surprised at how little they covered! While not the quickest way to decorate a plain box or wardrobe that you might have, I think it definitely adds a lovely vintage French feel to the room.

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