Sunday, 31 January 2016

Handmade Kindle Cover

This year I am excited to be part of Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew hosted by Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches. A monthly link party to keep you motivated to make those crafty gifts for Christmas that can very often get lost in the December rush. By making an item a month, come December you can sit back and relax, well that's the idea! I am hosting the March link party and have got my thinking cap on for that one! In the meantime I have been inspired by Fiona to start planning early this year as some presents I intended to make in 2015 have been rolled over to 2016.

This month I have made a Kindle cover for my father-in-law, he is an avid reader and his current cover is getting a bit old so by December he will be in need of a new one. This will work for any e-reader or ipad and could be scaled down for a smart phone. I used a book-print material for this one but I made my brother-in-law one for last Christmas which had stags on which seems to fit the Christmassy theme better!

You will need:

Pellon -  (3 x width of kindle + 2") x (height of kindle + 2")
Outside material - 2 x size above
Bias-binding - 1½ inch wide strips

Step 1 
Place the outsides right-side together and sew along the top long edge.

Step 2
Turn right side out and place pellon inbetween the fabric. Pin in place around edges and sew along the open edges.

Step 3
Using kindle to measure, fold right side over to form a pocket and pin and then sew in place along bottom edge.

Step 4
Sew buttonhole on outer flap.

Step 5
Pin and then sew bias-binding to cover the bottom and inside edges. Start with the inside edge of the pocket -the first time I did this the wrong way round and it meant I couldn't cover the edges with the other bias-binding, it took a long time to unpick!

Step 6
Sew on the button and you have a handmade kindle cover ready for Christmas!

Make sure you check out Fiona's page at Celtic Thistle Stitches for more links to Christmas and Holiday makes. One down, eleven to go!

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