Saturday, 8 August 2015

My First Sewing Attempt

In the past few years I have wanted to learn more about sewing and especially how to make clothes.I tend to go out shopping with a definite item in mind and then am annoyed that the designers haven't known in minute detail the style of dress or top that I want. I find it frustrating that I end up having to settle for it or not get anything at all. I appreciate that one answer to this would be to not have ridiculously set ideas in my mind before shopping but alas that is not how I work!

I looked for local dressmaking classes last year but due to the job I had at the time where I travelled away for work most weeks I couldn't find one that would work. I considered getting a sewing machine and learning myself but I wasn't prepared to shell out for something I might end up being rubbish at.

My mother in law is a sewing whizz and makes curtains, cushions and quilts in a flash and has a huge wardrobe full of material just waiting for her next project. When we decided to come out to France, knowing that I would like to learn how to sew and having a machine in France she gave me a great starter pattern for a vest top and told me to find some material that took my fancy. This was a hard choice because there are so many beautiful ones but eventually I chose these two.

 I chose the blue fabric to make the vest with and I was pleased with how it worked out. Unfortunately I didn't think I had a zipper foot for the sewing machine and so the zip is not as well sewn as I would like. After I made it, I found a zipper foot and so I may try to amend this to make it look neater! I am planning to use the polka dot material to make a skirt and feel much more confident with using the machine and techniques to make clothes after this first attempt. The pattern came as part of a free booklet with a newspaper which was based on the tv series 'The Great British Sewing Bee' and it has some really useful sections.

 Although by no means perfect I wore the vest out to a restuarant for lunch and it held up very well. Looking forward to making some more items over the summer!

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